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Forefront Equine

ForeLyte Paste

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ForeLyte paste provides fast, convenient replacement of electrolytes for horses in need of replenishment from the effects of rigorous activity, competition, sweat, stress, travel, and/or sudden change of temperature or environment.

Electrolyte Paste with Organic Coral Calcium
80cc tube (4 servings)


• Organic Coral Calcium
• Electrolytes – Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium


Non GMO Soybean Oil, Silicon Dioxide


An ideal paste for horses who require additional electrolytes due to a rigorous workout schedule or hot weather. Most electrolyte products available today are made from inferior ingredients, including low grade sources of calcium, and they typically include high levels of sugar and salt. Salt is beneficial in an electrolyte product, but only at appropriate levels. ForeLyte™ contains no more than 25% salt and in place of inferior sources of calcium, magnesium and potassium, ForeLyte™ utilizes organic coral calcium, along with 73 additional organic trace minerals. This proprietary formula allows a 99% absorption rate of ForeLyte’s™ key ingredients!  ForeLyte™ is a high-quality, cutting edge electrolyte and one Fallon Taylor is proud to have her name associated with.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Feed the following amounts of ForeLyte paste electrolyte. Always provide access to water when using this product. May be used up to 12 hours prior to exercise or travel to help minimize electrolyte loss. Best giv.en in approximately 20cc increments to minimize product being “dropped” from the mouth. May be given every 4-6 hours if needed.

Exercise Intensity  / Amount of ForeLyte paste per day
Maintenance or light sweating (neck, under saddle) / 20cc
Moderate sweating (whole body) / 30cc
Heavy sweating (whole body, dripping) / 40cc

STORAGE: Keep dry at room temperature for best results.